Today is Samstag, 23rd März 2019


One of the hottest topic with regard to NFC are SWP (Single Wire Protocol) enabled UICCs (Universal Integrated Circuit Card). Where as several handset manufacturers such as Nokia or Google equipe their phones (Nokia 6131, 6212, Google Nexus S) with embedded secure element, there is also the possiblity to store the cardlets for the card emulation mode in the UICC. In this case the phone — actually the NFC modem — needs to support SWP as well as the SWP. The SWP connects the UICC to the NFC Modem through a single wire and thus adds contactless functionality to the SIM.

On the one hand side is very tricky from a technical point of view, as all chip/UICC and headset manufactures have to stick a single standard in order to make their devices work together smoothly. So far only to chip manufacturer — NXP and InsideSecure — of a SWP enabled NFC modem. On the other hand side there is only Gemalto, G&D and Oberthru that are able to deliver SWP enabled SIM card. In the end, the SWP UICC is very important for the mobile network operator in order to get money of this technology. But so far, no commercial solutions for the end customer are available of the self.

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