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Visa vpay launch in Linz

Since the beginning of July 2012 it is possible for the participants of Raiffeisen’s NFC pilot to pay contactless with Visa vpay. This is the second NFC pilot Austria’s largest bank runs after having started issuing a PayPass Creditcard in August 2011.

Raiffeisen issues vpay and cardis

Raiffeisen CardService plans to issue vpay (debitcard) and cardis (prepaid purse) for contactless payment in combination with iCaisse for iPhone 4 and 4S. Both means of payment are operating contactless only and the sensitive data is stored on a micro SDCard with an embedded smartcard chip.

Raiffeisen and Hobex team up to pilot MasterCard PayPass in Austria

One of Austria’s largest Banks – Raiffeisen – and the Payment Service Provider Hobex announced that they will start issuing MasterCard PayPass Cards in Austria on August 1st, 2011. Raiffeisen is providing a prepaid MasterCard with contactless functionality to customers. The card can be used for payment below 25 EUR with no further authentication –- macro payments still require a PIN or a signature of the customer.

For the pilot Hobex installed contactless payment terminal in the cantina at Raiffeisen, allowing employees to pay for their lunch. After August 1st, there is a plan to start rolling out terminals to restaurants, grocery stores and bakerys surrounding the Raiffeisen headquarters in Vienna. Hobex CEO Christian Erasim expects some hundret NFC Customers this year, whereas a mass rollout is planed for 2012.

Raiffeisen issuing Paypass

Up to now Hobex has be using terminals von Ingenico. But in this pilot the payment terminal used is a Verifone VX 820. The terminal is already in use in other trials in the US. Additionally is has to be mentioned, that Austria’s largest acquirer Paylife currently is using Hypercom devices, whereas this company is currently acquired by Verifone. Thus it looks like Austria’s are going to see more Verifone Terminals in shop soon.

The Verifone VX 820 — in comparison to the VX 680 — has no printer, no battery pack and no GRPS connection. In order to print a customer receipt the terminal needs to be integrated with a cash-desk system. If this is not the case, a separate software is needed on the device. Hopefully, this use cases is not considered for NFC payment, as the advantage of speedy payment is lost immediately when the shop assistant/clerk has to interact manually with the terminal.

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