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Inside the Samsung Galaxy S II NFC

The NFC Version of the Galaxy S II was already announcing at the MWC in Barcelona this year. The device comes currently in two versions. One without NFC and one with NFC. The NFC version is already available in Asia. European countries will receive the device in November/December, if requested by the operators. The NFC version of the Samsung Galaxy S II comes with a PN544. The antenna of the device is located in the Battery back. (note the 4-pin connector to the battery; usually there are only 3 pins).

In the non-NFC version the NFC chips itself is missing. You can see the ball grid array where the chips will be placed. Although the Samsung Galaxy S II isn’t equipped with an embedded secure element, this could change in the future. NXP Chip platform is very flexible and the PN544 (no secure element) and the PN65 (with secure element) are PIN compatible. So for the handset manufacture it makes no difference if they use an embedded secure element or not form a production perspective. Nevertheless the PN65 is more expensive as it comes with an embedded JavaCard based smartcard chip – the SmartMX.

Note the marked ball grid array where the PN544/PN65 can be place.

For a full hardware teardown of the galaxy S II please see

Windows 8 with NFC support

Microsoft Upcoming operating system Windows 8 will also include NFC capabilities. Therefore a driver has been developed in cooperation between NXP and Microsoft. In press release it was said, that the driver will support the PN544. Therefore the driver will contain the FRI of NXP and will provide similar functionality as the integration of the FRI into Android 2.3. The new Windows version focuses more on mobile devices such as handset as well as tablet PC/pads. Thus we are about to expect more devices with NFC and Windows 8 in the next year.


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