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National NFC Wallet for Austria

Today a consortium out of MNOs (T-Mobile, Drei), Banks (Erste Bank, Raiffeisen), Card Issuers (Card Complete, Paylife) and Acquirer announced the “Mobile Wallet Austria” NFC-Initiative in order to create an open, nationwide standard for mobile wallets. With this mobile wallet consumers are able to pay contactless with their mobile phones and subsequently to use special offers like loyalty cards, vouchers and coupons at the Point of Sale by a simple touch. At least this is the basic idea that is behind the concept.

How to read a contactless credit card such as Visa paywave or MasterCard paypass

RFID enabled creditcards such as MasterCard paypass or Visa paywave have been in the news in the recent time due to the Forbes article on cloning of RFID creditcards as well as the Analysis from viaForensics. The vulnerably of these types of cards is not new. Already in 2006 researchers were able to read creditcard data form such cards as shown by the RSA labs. So far the reading of such cards was demonstrated with creditcard reads such as Vivopay or Verifone Terminals. Thru a new Android app reading of RFID creditcard is now possible for everyone with an NFC enabled phone.

Zielpunkt launches PayPass in Austria

Austria“s retailer Zielpunkt introduces MasterCard“s contactless credit card payment system Paypass in its stores starting December 6th. Raiffeisen, one of Austria“s largest Banks, is issuing the required card to be used with this terminal. Currently the credit card is a prepaid MasterCard which has to be top up before usage. The terminal used in this rollout is the Vivotech Vivopay 5000.

These payment terminals can also be used with mobile phones which are NFC enabled and have the required PayPass applet in the secure element. The terminals can only be used for payments below casino online 25 EUR as the terminals don“t have PIN pads in order to enter the required PIN code required for a full EMV transaction. Thus it is especially interesting that this system was installed at a discounter, where people tend to by more (e.g. do the weekend shopping).

The major benefit for the customer is a quicker checkout process at the POS. Anyway, about 70 % of all transactions are cash at the supermarket according to Mr. Satek from Zielpunkt therefore queues will probably not get any short.

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