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Now issuing plastic: Google Wallet Card

As reported by AndroidPolice already two days ago, now user can see for their shelves what Google’s plan for the Google Wallet is: a contactless Card. Yet it is not clear how this will work in detail and why Google is doing this, but lets look behind the curtain, to see what options there are.

Google Wallet expands to web payments

Today Google announces an extention of Google wallet for mobile web payment. Therefore Google is directly competing with PayPal for online payments. Google is in the position to do as, as in its current wallet, the customer can put any card. So far Google provided a virtual NFC card to use these cards for POS payment. Now Google extends the service and enabled these cards — simliar to PayPal — for online Paymennt

Relay Attack with Google Wallet

NFC enabled creditcards have received lots of attention science the beginning of this year, as several researchers showed how easy it is to read personal data from a contactless payment card. Although the transaction is still save (as the secrete EMV cryptogram cannot be retrieved) this is major privacy problem. Now there has been a new attack published showing a relay attack on Google Wallet Enabled phones with EMV payment cards.

Google Wallet 2.0: Any Credit/Debit Card on an Android

Google has released a new feature for their NFC payment solution Google Wallet. From today on you can put any credit or signature debit card into your virtual wallet and use it for contactless payment. Currently Google Wallet only supports cards issued in the US. In order to use this feature you require Google Wallet Version R75v6 or higher. And this is how it works:

Galaxy Nexus: Accessing the embedded secure element and insights into Google Wallet.

Recently the XDA-Developer lukegb described how to run the current version of Google Wallet on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. There are also other approaches to modify Google Wallet. The devices need to be rooted in order to have all the rights in order to access the embedded secure element of the device. Google Wallet is configured (partly hardcoded) to use the embedded secure element.

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