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Near Field Communication

Google Wallet expands to web payments


Today Google announces an extention of Google wallet for mobile web payment. Therefore Google is directly competing with PayPal for online payments. Google is in the position to do as, as in its current wallet, the customer can put any card. So far Google provided a virtual NFC card to use these cards for POS payment. Now Google extends the service and enabled these cards — simliar to PayPal — for online Paymennt

Nexus 10 with two NFC Chips


Today Google announced a series of new devices, all coming with NFC. The Nexus 4, a handest manufactured by LG. The new Nexus 7, a slightly modified version of the already existing Nexus 7 (more memory) as well as the Nexus 10, propably the first device with two NFC chips. All devices run the new version of Jelly Bean, Android 4.2 which includes features such as panorama images as well as multi user support.

Vodafone teams up with CorFire and Gemalto for NFC


Vodafone Group will launch its NFC services with an NFC wallet from Corfire and a TSM from Gemalto. According to CorFire Vodafone will provide a wallet with payment and loyalty features to customers in spring/summer 2013. The target plattform will be Android devices with UICC as the secure element.

VIVOtech – Rest in Peace


A pioneer in the field of NFC, the Silicon Valley-based VIVOTech, is history after more than 10 years in this industry. Today the software business from VVIOTech was taken over by Sequent Software. In early August the company announced it had sold its contactless reader business to U.S.-based ID Tech.

ISIS Wallet debuts at T-Mobile US


Since this week the ISIS Wallet for NFC enabled Android phones is available for US customers of T-Mobile. The app is on Google Play and has reached already about 5.000 downloads in 2 days.

Orange Poland launches Orange Cash


Today Orange Poland announced to start off with an NFC based payment solution. Therefore the SIM-Card will act as a means of payment with a prepaid MasterCard Paypass Card. Like all other prepaid credit products, the customers have to use a debit transaction to put money into the account and use it for payment. This is very simple methode of enabling customer for NFC payment, as not concract or sign up processes is required. On the other handside only transactions up to 25 EUR can be made. (no PIN, no signature available yet).

Hackathon for mobile Financial App


From the 27th – 28th of October the first Pioneers Festival Hackathon, enabled by Erste Group, will take place in Vienna at sektor5 co-working space. Developers can create their own finance mobile app, compete against the best international coders, pitch it to the audience, get a free Pioneers Festival Developer Ticket and win 1,337 EUR cash. Developers can sign up alone, or with colleagues, but maximum as a group of four people.

mpass – o2 launched nfc sticker


mpass is the german family brand of the MNOs O2, Vodafone and T-Mobile for mobile payment. Simlary to the Austrian approach with Paybox, the customer can pay online with his phonenummer and a mobile TAN. The amount then is deducted from his bank accoung (debit transactions). Since today, O2 offers also a prepaid NFC payPass sticker for mobile phones under this brand name.

Paylife launches NFC


Today Austrian largest acquirer and issuer of credit cards as well as the prepaid product “Quick” — the Paylife Bank –, launched its NFC product portfolio of NFC products. PayLife launches quick kontaktlos for the customers as well as different NFC Terminals for the merchants. At beginning of 2013 a mobile NFC terminal will available and staring summer 2013 a POS terminal will be rolled out. First installations are at Thalia, Bawag (Snack Shop) as well as Fresh Soup & Salad in the PayLife headquarter.

Kasse2Go: Mobile Phone as NFC cash desk


Germany“s Sparkassen are currently piloting their prepaid schema GiroGo, a NFC deriviate of the Geldkarte. Recently a new app was released to use an NFC enabled handset as a cashdesk. The runs on Android devices and allows customers to pay with GiroGo. This allows merchants online casino to use a mobile device as acceptance terminals without the need of a special hardware such as iZettle or Square.

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