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Inside Secure Micropass

Inside Micropass’s prodcts base on an ISO7816-4 (File-System) and ISO14443-Typ B RFID Transponder. The Tag has up to 4 KB of EEPROM for applications which can be written up to 300.000 times. The chip uses a native operating system (no Java Card OS so far). The stickers were announced in October 2008 for the frist time. Up to now the stickers with are Visa and Mastercard certified have already been tested in different pilots. The sticker is part of a normal smartcard and has a shielding and glue layer on the button for being sticked onto a mobile phone.

Product Range

ATR of Tag: 3B 88 80 01 00 00 00 00 00 81 80 00 08 (106 kbps, Type B)

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