Today is Samstag, 23rd März 2019

Samsung Galaxy S II (I9100)

Samsung’s newest flag-ship phone, the Samsung Galaxy SII, was announced at MWC 2011. This time the phone also contains NFC hardware for reading/writing tags as well as for card emulation as well. Unlike most of the other handset manufactures that ship only one hardware version of the phone, Samsung has to different hardware platforms: one with NFC and one without. Whereas in Europe most of the phone come without NFC (which cannot be enabled thru a Software update, as the required Chip is missing), the Korean version has already NFC. The phone runs Google’s Android with the Version 2.3.4 and later has therefore offers the same API for NFC developer as on the Nexus S. Details on the card emulation functionality are not released yet.

The Samsung Galaxy SII is running Android 2.3.4

The antenna of the device is in the battery pack

The european version of the Samsung Galaxy SII is still missing NFC functionallity

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