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Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Google’s first phone with its new operating system Android 4.0 (aka Ice Cream Sandwich) also features NFC. Regarding the NFC architecture there is nothing special. The phone comes with NXP’s PN65n. The chip contains an NFC modem supporting Single Wire Protocol (SWP) as well as embedded secure element (SmartMX) with a Java Card operating system.

From a developers point of view, the API for P2P mode as added. Using the Reader-Writer mode is the same as with Android 2.3. Yet we are missing a smartcard API in order to access the embedded secure element or the UICC. Currently it look like that SEEK will be the stack which will find its way into Android as the API already meets the GSMA and SIMAlliance required for the secure element access in a mobile device.

Like in the Samsung Galaxy S II (NFC Version) the NFC antenna in attached to the battery of the device (unlike the Nexus S in the back cover).

From a user interaction point, Google has introducted Android Application Records (AAR). These NDEF Records, which can be part of an NDEF Message, can specify a dedicated application to be opened when an NDEF Message is received by the phone (eg read from a tag or received through p2p mode). In this case the user can not select the application, which should be open/process the informtion from the tag. This makes NFC application even more usable, as the user doesn’t need to interact with the mobile phone and decide with application to use.

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