Today is Samstag, 23rd März 2019

Sagem my700X

The Sagem my700x is one of the first phones supporting the UICC as the secure element in an NFC phone. In the beginning is contained the micro read chip from InsideContactless (now InsideSecure) and supported only Gemalto SIM Cards, as the protocol for SWP was not standardized. Form an engineering point the phone was already very advanced. It support both, the JSR257 as well as the JSR177 (including all the access condition enforcement). Also, for reading and writing ISO 14443 Type B was supported. In the francophone counties the phone was used for lots of trials, as the technology inside was very advanced. From a usability point of view, the telephone was not very good. Thus it is not astonishing that it was not made for mass market.

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