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Nokia C7/Astound

Nokia’s C7-00 („Astound“) is Nokia’s first NFC enabled phone using Symbian OS. The Symbian 3 phone was released in December 2010, but with NFC support in the software layer. Since August 2011 and with the firmware release „Anna“ NFC reader/writer and p2p capabilities are added to the phone. The device comes with a PN544, but no care emulation support. Nokia focus on its OpenNFC strategy, offering phones that cannot be used for payment and ticketing as in a lot of countries no contactless infrastructure is present and therefore care emulation is an expensive feature which does not make scene.

From a Developers perspektive, Nokia offers the JSR257 for NFC features as well as a Qt API. A JSR177 for accessing the SIM Card is not yet supported.

nokia c7 with nfc disassembled

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