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Nokia 6212

The Nokia 6212 was the first brick-format phone from Nokia with NFC built in. Again, there were different editions. A no-NFC version as well as a Version with NFC, where as the NFC chip was located on a daughter board in order to make the customization of the different version more flexibility. A SWP enabled version was planned (the Nokia 6216) and announced, but never released. One special thing from a hardware point of view as the antenna. There as the NFC phones so far came with an antenna on a PCB or a flex print, this time Nokia coiled the antenna around the whole body of the phone. In the end it turn out, that this was a good a idea for p2p use cases with two Nokia 6212 devices, but reading tags as well as tag emulation work inaccurate and thus such use cases became a pain. From an API point of view the developer did not get much more possibilities but Nokia launched a great SDK for the phone.

Nokia 6212 NFC daughter board with the NFC Chip

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