Today is Samstag, 23rd März 2019

Nokia 6131 NFC

Nokia’s probably most popular NFC phone was the Nokia 6131. The clam shell device was shipped in three different editions: no NFC, NFC enabled with embedded secure element as well as NFC enabled with Single Wire Protocol (SWP) support. The phone was the first commercially available device feature NFC for the mass market. The NFC functionality of the device was very good – especially that the NFC reader/writer mode was only turned on, when the clam shell was opened. The usability of the NFC features form an interaction point of view turned out to be quite intuitive and therefore the device was a huge success for Nokia and the NFC community in terms of public relation. There are Nokia 6131 used for NFC use cases up to now.

The whole hardware for the NFC functionality was integrated into the shell behind the displays. This fact made it easier for Nokia to build three different models. The version with the embedded secure element contained a PN512 and a SmartMX where as the SWP-edition came with an according Chip for the NFC functionality.

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