Today is Samstag, 23rd März 2019

Huawei U8650NFC

The U8650 is the first device with NFC form the chinese manufacturer. The device is ship as an OEM device and currently in use in the trial in Turkey. There Turkcell overs the device under the name T22. From a hardware point of view the device is entry level. The Qualcomm MSM7227 ( is used a CPU, which is now two years old. The memory chip is from Hynix (H8BCS0). The modem (RTR 6285) as well as the power management chip (PM7540) are both from Qualcomm

Yet it is not clear which NFC chip is used, as the chip is polished. The device uses a PN544 from NXP. The antenna is in the battery cover of the handset.

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