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Blackberry 9900 NFC

According to Blackberry (as show on the MWC 2011) most of the upcoming devices will support NFC. The newest device — the Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 — is such a device. The Blackberry 9900 NFC supports the newest OS Version 7 where already a couple of features are described in the SDK. The feature described in the SDK deal with embedded secure element as well as the UICC as the secure element. The API is also similar to the one of Google. Also reading and writing of tags is supported.

The Blackberrys ship so far already contain the necessary hardware for NFC (you can simply check by looking for the NFC antenna in the battery cover). Currently most operators still block the software update for these devices. (like T-Mobile in the US).

Update: Using the SDK 7 it is possible to enabled NFC support for applictions (as long as actived in the OS). It seems, that the Blackberry 9900 comes with an embedded secure element as well as UICC/SWP support.

Blackberry 9900 NFC on the Screen

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