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NFC for public transport – how to deal with DESFire?

Today contactless technology is already widespread in public transport. NXP with its products MIFARE Plus (former Mifare Classic) and MIFARE DESFire is the most dominate player besides Sony with FeliCa which is commonly used in Asia.

How will RTA deal with NFC?

RTA is Dubai’s Public Transport Operator. RTA’s NOL Card can be used for transportation on the metro, busses or water taxis. NOL Card can also be used for paying parking fees as well as taxis. Currently there are four different kinds of NOL Cards. Three of them (silver, gold, blue) are based on MIFARE DESFire and act as an e-purse whereas the red one uses MIFARE UltraLight, which can be loaded with 10 trips.

Car2Go starts in Vienna with contactless technology made in Austria.

Daimler’s mobility provider Car2Go launched in Vienna on Dec 6th. The company provides 300 Smart-For-2 for the city of Vienna. Only Member Card holders can use the cars. The member card is actually a Mifare DESFire Card. Therefore the cars have an on-board unit containing a contactless reader and a GPRS Modem that is connected to the communication bus system of the car. Using the Member Card, the doors of the car are unlocked.

MIFARE DESFire for Madrid’s public Transport

Today NXP announced that Madrid’s public transportation system — which is using automated fare collection (AFC) — will make use of Mifare Defire EV1. In the press release there is actually no date given which they new card will be rolled out. Mifare Desfire – in comparison to Mifare Classic – is a product which is fully compliant to ISO14443 and also supporting proven cryptography such as 3DES and AES. The card is also used by public transport operators in the Netherlands as well as in Dubai.

Currently a major issue with Desfire is, that it is supported as a Tag-Type by the NFC Forum, BUT NFC devices so far are not able to simulate such a tag format. All devices so far only support JavaCard OS and additionally Mifare Classic in cases an NXP Platform was chosen. Now implementing Desfire as an applet on top of JavaCard is possible from a technical point of view, but will not run as fast as a native Desfire Chip do. Therefore public transport operators are unlikely  certificaty a Desfire/JavaCard solution. But this is another story …

Update: these is also the possibilty to have UICC with embedded Desfire Functionality (like Mifare Classic) in order to overcome this issue.

Press Release

NFC Information Services for Austria’s Public Transport Busses

The operator of the public bus transportation system Postbus is continusly rolling out information points featuring NFC. Simply by touching a touch point at the bus stop with an NFC enabled mobile phone, the customer is able to retrive information on the busses arriving as well as if they are delayed. The service is available for mobile phones at This service is a product of RISE.

Postbus Vodafone Live App

Press Release by mobilkom austria (german)


Vision for 2012

VDV Solutions wins GTB Award

Global Telecoms Business (GTB) awarded mobilkom austria for their outstanding and cutting edge NFC e-ticketing solution „VDV“. Mobilkom austria received this price now for the 3rd time and shows the innovation of Austria’s largest MNO. VDV is joint project by the Federal Railways of Austria (ÖBB) and Mobilkom Austria. The project was implemented by RISE.

Press release mobilkom austria (german)

VDV Presented at NFC Congress 2009

Today mobilkom austria announced the launch of a contactless ticketing system in cooperation with the federal railways company of austria. The pilot with more than 100 users implements the german VDV standard for contactless ticketing and also uses mobilkom austrias billing backend for charging the customer. This is the first trial of its kind in Austria. The trial makes use of Nokia 6212 devices.

Press release by mobilkom austria (german)

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