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Moneto: Change is good, isn’t it?

Since August 16th, 2012 the moneto service is out of service. This is due to the fact, that the card processor TransCard is not cooperating with the University National Bank any more. As all moneto prepaid Cards were issued by this bank, the service is currently not working.

Visa vpay launch in Linz

Since the beginning of July 2012 it is possible for the participants of Raiffeisen’s NFC pilot to pay contactless with Visa vpay. This is the second NFC pilot Austria’s largest bank runs after having started issuing a PayPass Creditcard in August 2011.

Paybox NFC launches with McDonalds and Merkur

While contactless creditcards have been in the news in the recent month due to security and privacy, A1 Telekom Austria today launched their NFC payment system for low value payment “Paybox NFC”. Customers can use stickers or NFC enabled phones — 3 Blackberrys (Bold 9900, Curve 9360, Curve 9380), a Samsung phone (Galaxy SII), the most current Sony Xperia and a HTC One X with NFC SIMs have been presented as well.

Raiffeisen’s vpay launch delayed – Linz still pays cash.

Raiffeisen announced in February to launch a vpay pilot in Linz in the beginning of April. An on-site inspection at Linz’s Suedbahnhof Markt showed, that neither terminals nor the payment devices (iCaisses with SD-Cards) have been rolled out. We have been talking to different Merchants at the Suedbahnhof Markt that told us, that the launch has been postponed.

How to read a contactless credit card such as Visa paywave or MasterCard paypass

RFID enabled creditcards such as MasterCard paypass or Visa paywave have been in the news in the recent time due to the Forbes article on cloning of RFID creditcards as well as the Analysis from viaForensics. The vulnerably of these types of cards is not new. Already in 2006 researchers were able to read creditcard data form such cards as shown by the RSA labs. So far the reading of such cards was demonstrated with creditcard reads such as Vivopay or Verifone Terminals. Thru a new Android app reading of RFID creditcard is now possible for everyone with an NFC enabled phone.

Raiffeisen issues vpay and cardis

Raiffeisen CardService plans to issue vpay (debitcard) and cardis (prepaid purse) for contactless payment in combination with iCaisse for iPhone 4 and 4S. Both means of payment are operating contactless only and the sensitive data is stored on a micro SDCard with an embedded smartcard chip.

NFC Card for Germany

Germany’s Sparkassen are already in an extended phase in their NFC project, issuing contactless cards and putting according terminals into the market. The plan is to issue about 16 Mio. Cards till August 2012. Currently the project is in a pilot phase with merchants situated in the area of Hannover, Braunschweig, Wolfsburg. The NFC card can be use for payments at the POS as well as for automated vending.

Galaxy Nexus: Accessing the embedded secure element and insights into Google Wallet.

Recently the XDA-Developer lukegb described how to run the current version of Google Wallet on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. There are also other approaches to modify Google Wallet. The devices need to be rooted in order to have all the rights in order to access the embedded secure element of the device. Google Wallet is configured (partly hardcoded) to use the embedded secure element.

PayPal pilots NFC payment in Sweden

According to different sources (,, PayPal has launched an NFC pilot in Sweden. The payment method will be accepted at two Stockholm retailers: sports equipment provider Alpingaraget and electronics outlet Webhallen.

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