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iPhone 5 without NFC

Looks like NFC for the iPhone was overhyped. When Apple announced its new smartphone today, NFC enthusiasts were disappointed. The iPhone 5 has no NFC and PassBook therefore will not allow touch interaction, although Apple holds several innovative patents for improving customer experience and several use cases.

CardMobile: Cardis & vpay – an update

Raiffeisen’s CardMobile pilot is now running for two month. 82 users have tested the system in 8 locations in Linz. „The customer experience so far is quite good“, Gerald Kubu head of Raiffeisen Card Services reported. Thus soon the service will be available to the mass market.

Relay Attack with Google Wallet

NFC enabled creditcards have received lots of attention science the beginning of this year, as several researchers showed how easy it is to read personal data from a contactless payment card. Although the transaction is still save (as the secrete EMV cryptogram cannot be retrieved) this is major privacy problem. Now there has been a new attack published showing a relay attack on Google Wallet Enabled phones with EMV payment cards.

Nokia’s Lumia 920 & 820: Windows 8 and NFC

Today Nokia announced its first devices with Winows 8, the Lumia 920 and the smaller 820. These are the first Lumia phones from Nokia with the new operating system. The 920 comes with a 1,5 GHz dual core CPU (SnapDragon) and 4,5″ display (4,3″ for the 820). A 8 MP pureview Camera is also integrated as well as wireless charging (Only the 920). The device also supports NFC, whereas no technical details were give in the presentation (both 920 & 820).

SimplyTapp for CyanogenMod: How it works

In CyanogenMod 9.1, Android customized aftermarkt firmware, NFC enthusiast will find a new feature for contactless payment: SimplyTapp. SimplyTapp is an application that provides users with a basic wallet to store prepaid cards of various merchants. The cards can be obtained over-the-air and payment is done thru PayPal.

Paybox NFC launches with McDonalds and Merkur

While contactless creditcards have been in the news in the recent month due to security and privacy, A1 Telekom Austria today launched their NFC payment system for low value payment “Paybox NFC”. Customers can use stickers or NFC enabled phones — 3 Blackberrys (Bold 9900, Curve 9360, Curve 9380), a Samsung phone (Galaxy SII), the most current Sony Xperia and a HTC One X with NFC SIMs have been presented as well.

How to read a contactless credit card such as Visa paywave or MasterCard paypass

RFID enabled creditcards such as MasterCard paypass or Visa paywave have been in the news in the recent time due to the Forbes article on cloning of RFID creditcards as well as the Analysis from viaForensics. The vulnerably of these types of cards is not new. Already in 2006 researchers were able to read creditcard data form such cards as shown by the RSA labs. So far the reading of such cards was demonstrated with creditcard reads such as Vivopay or Verifone Terminals. Thru a new Android app reading of RFID creditcard is now possible for everyone with an NFC enabled phone.

BIPA’s NFC Loyalty pilot

In November 2011 T-Mobile and REWE’s Pharmacy Store Chain BIPA announced the pilot to test an NFC enabled loyalty schema. The BIPA-Card is a wide spread loyalty card for the customers of the store chain similar to other customer cards of the REWE family like the “Friends of Merkur” card or the “Billa Vorteilscard”. Currently those cards shop a simple barcode with is scanned at the POS and therefore the customer received special reward points and discounts.

Turkcell’s NFC wallet solution.

Turkey’s largest operator, Turkcell, is currently aggressively rolling out NFC devices with MasterCard’s contactless payment functionality paypass. Currently Turkcell is offering three different devices: The T11 is made by ZTE and the T20, which is manufactured by Huawei, and also know as U8650. On top the most current BlackBerry the Bold 9900 is also used for Turkcell’s wallet app, which is a SIM based solution

Galaxy Nexus: Accessing the embedded secure element and insights into Google Wallet.

Recently the XDA-Developer lukegb described how to run the current version of Google Wallet on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. There are also other approaches to modify Google Wallet. The devices need to be rooted in order to have all the rights in order to access the embedded secure element of the device. Google Wallet is configured (partly hardcoded) to use the embedded secure element.

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