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SimplyTapp for CyanogenMod: How it works

In CyanogenMod 9.1, Android customized aftermarkt firmware, NFC enthusiast will find a new feature for contactless payment: SimplyTapp. SimplyTapp is an application that provides users with a basic wallet to store prepaid cards of various merchants. The cards can be obtained over-the-air and payment is done thru PayPal.

Google Wallet 2.0: Any Credit/Debit Card on an Android

Google has released a new feature for their NFC payment solution Google Wallet. From today on you can put any credit or signature debit card into your virtual wallet and use it for contactless payment. Currently Google Wallet only supports cards issued in the US. In order to use this feature you require Google Wallet Version R75v6 or higher. And this is how it works:

How to read a contactless credit card such as Visa paywave or MasterCard paypass

RFID enabled creditcards such as MasterCard paypass or Visa paywave have been in the news in the recent time due to the Forbes article on cloning of RFID creditcards as well as the Analysis from viaForensics. The vulnerably of these types of cards is not new. Already in 2006 researchers were able to read creditcard data form such cards as shown by the RSA labs. So far the reading of such cards was demonstrated with creditcard reads such as Vivopay or Verifone Terminals. Thru a new Android app reading of RFID creditcard is now possible for everyone with an NFC enabled phone.

BIPA’s NFC Loyalty pilot

In November 2011 T-Mobile and REWE’s Pharmacy Store Chain BIPA announced the pilot to test an NFC enabled loyalty schema. The BIPA-Card is a wide spread loyalty card for the customers of the store chain similar to other customer cards of the REWE family like the “Friends of Merkur” card or the “Billa Vorteilscard”. Currently those cards shop a simple barcode with is scanned at the POS and therefore the customer received special reward points and discounts.

NFC Card for Germany

Germany’s Sparkassen are already in an extended phase in their NFC project, issuing contactless cards and putting according terminals into the market. The plan is to issue about 16 Mio. Cards till August 2012. Currently the project is in a pilot phase with merchants situated in the area of Hannover, Braunschweig, Wolfsburg. The NFC card can be use for payments at the POS as well as for automated vending.

PayPal pilots NFC payment in Sweden

According to different sources (,, PayPal has launched an NFC pilot in Sweden. The payment method will be accepted at two Stockholm retailers: sports equipment provider Alpingaraget and electronics outlet Webhallen.

Cutting edge mobile app for Easybank and BAWAG/PSK

Austria’s largest direct bank easybank and BAWAG/PSK launched their mobile banking apps for Android and iOS today. Both apps come with a sophisticated user interfaces as well as all neccessary banking features required by the customer. The apps have a playful approach in order to lift mobile banking experience to a next level.

Car2Go starts in Vienna with contactless technology made in Austria.

Daimler’s mobility provider Car2Go launched in Vienna on Dec 6th. The company provides 300 Smart-For-2 for the city of Vienna. Only Member Card holders can use the cars. The member card is actually a Mifare DESFire Card. Therefore the cars have an on-board unit containing a contactless reader and a GPRS Modem that is connected to the communication bus system of the car. Using the Member Card, the doors of the car are unlocked.

NFC Geldkarte – broken by design?

The Union of German“s Sparkassen (Deutsche Sparkassen- und Giroverband; DSGV) currently is in the middle of huge NFC project. The plan is to start rolling out 45 Mio. NFC enabled bankcards to customers in mid 2012.

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