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ProfitCard 2011

ProfitCard is one of the biggest Conferences in central Europe dealing with banking and payment based on smartcards.

This year’s event was mainly dominated by Bloomberg’s announcement that Google might roll out contactless payment terminals in the United States. In all presentations of banks, acquirers, card processors and payment services providers at least one slide was dedicated to this topic.

The players have quite different views on the impact of Google’s approach. One say, that Google will pave the way for the others, the others fear, that Google will take over the whole payment market. There were also some voices that said that Google might fail. When I heard that one, I instantly had to think of Boric Nemsic (former CEO of mobilkom Austria) who once said „Apple does not understand the telco-market.“ And he was right. Apple does not understand the telco-market. But who cares, as long as Apple understands the customers needs.

The business model of Google’s payment strategy is still not public but, I’m quite sure that it will be different to the one of other acquirers. Google’s core business is advertising, so why should they make money out of transactions fees, acquiring fees etc. Imagine the front up investment for such as billing system. Why not take a difference approach: provide everything for free and make money out of the customer’s behavior? (Like we know it already from Gmail etc.). What do you think?


MWC 2010

The main topic of this year’s MWC was mobile application, so called „Apps“. Hence MNOs try to fight Apples App-Store and Android ‚Market“ with WAC (Wholesale Application Community) which so focusing on JIL’s Widget Standard. Vodafone’s 360 already counts on this platform.

With regard to NFC devices nothing really new was shown. Most vendors still do their demos with the Nokia 6212. The UICC Manufactures such as Gemalto, G&D, Oberthure or even NTTDoCoMo shop their demos on the Nokia 6216 or the Samsung S5230.

Manufacturer such as G&D also focus on solutions, which combine an Antenna with a UICC. These implementations are still prototypes.

Inside Contactless announced that its stack „openNFC“ will be open source soon, which then could be integrated into operating systems of mobile devices such as Android or Symbian. But still, Inside was not yet able to show any devices with their chip and the openNFC Stack.

Another hot topic regarding contactless technology was NFC stickers. They should help to penetratethe market with contactless infrastructure as NFC handsets are not available and therefore help to bridge the gap. Sagem Orga showed a nice demo with their contactless sticker supporting NFC and Bluetooth. The sticker is charged through the electromagnetic field of the reader.

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