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EMV: Hacked Again – Unpredictable Numbers are predictable.

Looks like 2012 isn’t the year of EMV. Up to now, it has been show that the data can be read easily from the chip and that is possible to relay transactions. Now researchers from University of Cambridge (UK) found out, that the random numbers that are used in EMV transactions are not random depending on the terminals used. This makes it possible to predict the random numbers (Unpredictable Numbers, UN). A spokeswoman for the UK’s Financial Fraud Action group said: „We’ve never claimed that chip and pin is 100% secure“. This is the right statement to face the customers with.

Moneto: Change is good, isn’t it?

Since August 16th, 2012 the moneto service is out of service. This is due to the fact, that the card processor TransCard is not cooperating with the University National Bank any more. As all moneto prepaid Cards were issued by this bank, the service is currently not working.

CardMobile: Cardis & vpay – an update

Raiffeisen’s CardMobile pilot is now running for two month. 82 users have tested the system in 8 locations in Linz. „The customer experience so far is quite good“, Gerald Kubu head of Raiffeisen Card Services reported. Thus soon the service will be available to the mass market.

Relay Attack with Google Wallet

NFC enabled creditcards have received lots of attention science the beginning of this year, as several researchers showed how easy it is to read personal data from a contactless payment card. Although the transaction is still save (as the secrete EMV cryptogram cannot be retrieved) this is major privacy problem. Now there has been a new attack published showing a relay attack on Google Wallet Enabled phones with EMV payment cards.

SimplyTapp for CyanogenMod: How it works

In CyanogenMod 9.1, Android customized aftermarkt firmware, NFC enthusiast will find a new feature for contactless payment: SimplyTapp. SimplyTapp is an application that provides users with a basic wallet to store prepaid cards of various merchants. The cards can be obtained over-the-air and payment is done thru PayPal.

Google Wallet 2.0: Any Credit/Debit Card on an Android

Google has released a new feature for their NFC payment solution Google Wallet. From today on you can put any credit or signature debit card into your virtual wallet and use it for contactless payment. Currently Google Wallet only supports cards issued in the US. In order to use this feature you require Google Wallet Version R75v6 or higher. And this is how it works:

Visa vpay launch in Linz

Since the beginning of July 2012 it is possible for the participants of Raiffeisen’s NFC pilot to pay contactless with Visa vpay. This is the second NFC pilot Austria’s largest bank runs after having started issuing a PayPass Creditcard in August 2011.

Raiffeisen’s vpay launch delayed – Linz still pays cash.

Raiffeisen announced in February to launch a vpay pilot in Linz in the beginning of April. An on-site inspection at Linz’s Suedbahnhof Markt showed, that neither terminals nor the payment devices (iCaisses with SD-Cards) have been rolled out. We have been talking to different Merchants at the Suedbahnhof Markt that told us, that the launch has been postponed.

Raiffeisen issues vpay and cardis

Raiffeisen CardService plans to issue vpay (debitcard) and cardis (prepaid purse) for contactless payment in combination with iCaisse for iPhone 4 and 4S. Both means of payment are operating contactless only and the sensitive data is stored on a micro SDCard with an embedded smartcard chip.

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