Today is Donnerstag, 21st Februar 2019

SEEK/OMA is now available Android SDK

Four years after the SEEK Project was started by G&D, the library for accessing the SIM Card from an android application is finally available for Android SDK. At API Level 17, G&D is now providing the Library in a way that it can be integrated into various apps. The library is actually the key for a bunch of application doing so call „OTA-Transactions“ (Over-the-Air) in order to install applications on the UICC or make changes to parameters in applets with could be used for payment or ticketing.

The Secure Element Evaluation Kit (SEEK) for the Android platform should be the base for developing and deploying security-based applications, thanks to its openness and the strength of its tools. The reason for taking that looking, to make it part of the Android SDK was, that not only a new library was required, but also changes to the driver layer (RIL, Radio Layer Interface) or even to the Hardware (Modem Interface). A details article in the stack can be found here. In addition to that, various industrial consortiums such as GlobalPlatform or the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) supported this interface as well as set requirements in order to make the API as useful as possible. There even is an impact on the UICC Manufactures, as a PKSC15 Store is required on the SIM of authenticating the applications. But finally all the issues have been solved and the API is part of the SDK (since API Level 17) and implemented on a variety of phones.


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