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Spar starts to rollout NFC enabled Ingenico Terminals from card complete

Austria’s 2nd largest Retailer Spar is currently replacing its existing payment infrastructure. Today all of its stores are equipped with Hypercom Hybrid Terminals from Paylife. Since this week Spar is replacing these terminals with the Ingenico iPP H-Touch 480 from the Austrian acquirer card complete.

Spar currently makes in Austria revenue of approx. 5 billion EURs in 2.828 Shops with almost 73.000 employees. Assuming that in each store there are at least 4 lanes, Spar will require about 10.000 Terminals which will be rollout in the next weeks. Spar’s biggest competitor REWE with its brands Merkur, Penny, Bipa and Billa is currently using the NFC payment system from Paybox/A1.

Although the terminals feature NFC, the contactless features for paywave and paypass are not yet enabled. Thus the assumption is, that Spar is first rolling out the terminals and testing the integration and afterwards provide a new software with the new features.

Austria’s largest acquirer Paylife currently is not yet offering NFC enabled payment Terminals. According to a press release they will be available in Q2/2013 — so still some time to go. Paylife was split into two companys in June 2012. The Paylife Bank acting as acquirer & credit card issuers and PSA (payment Services Austria) for ATMs and debit cards. This split up of the company might be one issue for the delay of NFC enabled terminals in their portfolio. PSA will start issuing contactless debit cards with MasterCard Paypass in 2013.

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