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Paylife launches NFC

Today Austrian largest acquirer and issuer of credit cards as well as the prepaid product “Quick” — the Paylife Bank –, launched its NFC product portfolio of NFC products. PayLife launches quick kontaktlos for the customers as well as different NFC Terminals for the merchants. At beginning of 2013 a mobile NFC terminal will available and staring summer 2013 a POS terminal will be rolled out. First installations are at Thalia, Bawag (Snack Shop) as well as Fresh Soup & Salad in the PayLife headquarter.

Today all Thalia cash desks are equipped with NFC Terminals. It is a VeriFone terminal which is attached to the already existing HyperCom Hybrid Terminal. Although all payment terminals from PayLife have been exchanged three years ago, Paylife will be very pushy to see the NFC terminals in the field and therefore will incentive Merchants to exchange the terminals Thalia will also offer a „quick“ lane accepting only contactless payments.

Quick kontaktlos just works as the ordinary Quick-purse, but also can be used for contactless payments at the POS. As it is a prepaid product no bank account is required. Quick kontaktos mobile casino will be available on all debit cards which are issued next year – approximately 2 Mio. Cards. These cards will feature maestro contactless (paypass) as well as contactless quick.

PayLife Bank wants to target the market of LVP (Low Value Payment; below < 25 EUR). At the POS no PIN or signature is required. The goal for PayLife is to reduce cash payment for these types of transactions. Thus the pricing with regard to acquiring for the merchants is also a key argument.

The payment schema is currently only rollout on smartcards, not MNOs involved so far. The card still needs to be topped up thru a debit account. There is also a new feature that allows topping up the card during a payment process at the POS. (like the Cardis solution from Raiffeisen). In the future it will also be possible to top up the service using the mobile phone as well as thru the internet.

Paylife also provides an app for Android mobile phones with NFC. The application allows the user to read the balance of the card, find ATMs for topping up as well as provides statistics on the usage for the customer. Yet, the card cannot be topped up OTA. Also a mobile cash desk such as Kassa2Go is not available. Other platforms than Android, such as Windows Phone or BlackBerry, was not named.

The mobile app was designed and engineered by RISE.

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