Today is Sonntag, 16th Dezember 2018

Nokia presents NFC Wallet and Windows 8 Proximity API

Today Nokia gave the first presentation on the NFC API for the new Windows 8 devices as well as their native wallet. The new Nokia 820 and the Nokia 920 already come with the new operating system, the Nokia Wallet and provides NFC functionality. Unlikely the Nokia 610 (WP 7.5) the new device come with a completely new integration as well as SWP functionality for card emulation.

The wallet is capable of holding cards, deals, loyalty cards, coupons and of course payment cards. The wallet is able to hold the sensitive data from different application. The wallet can also be used for contactless payment, bar code usage as well as online payment. For contactless integration a SWP enabled SIM Card is required. Orange was announced to the first the MNO partner. The first two devices do not have an embedded secure element.

Besides the wallet different NFC tech applications where shown, that used the new NFC API. Also a training for the use of this API was given to shop the capabilitys of the new devices. The Documentation can be found here:

Proximity API

Proximity Spec

On there is a nice library for Windows that allows the use of Proximity/NFC APIs for applications. Andreas Jakl has developed the Library. He also provides tools for reading and writing tags, like the NFC Interactor.

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