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mpass – o2 launched nfc sticker

mpass is the german family brand of the MNOs O2, Vodafone and T-Mobile for mobile payment. Simlary to the Austrian approach with Paybox, the customer can pay online with his phonenummer and a mobile TAN. The amount then is deducted from his bank accoung (debit transactions). Since today, O2 offers also a prepaid NFC payPass sticker for mobile phones under this brand name.

Paylife launches NFC

Today Austrian largest acquirer and issuer of credit cards as well as the prepaid product “Quick” — the Paylife Bank –, launched its NFC product portfolio of NFC products. PayLife launches quick kontaktlos for the customers as well as different NFC Terminals for the merchants. At beginning of 2013 a mobile NFC terminal will available and staring summer 2013 a POS terminal will be rolled out. First installations are at Thalia, Bawag (Snack Shop) as well as Fresh Soup & Salad in the PayLife headquarter.

Kasse2Go: Mobile Phone as NFC cash desk

Germany“s Sparkassen are currently piloting their prepaid schema GiroGo, a NFC deriviate of the Geldkarte. Recently a new app was released to use an NFC enabled handset as a cashdesk. The runs on Android devices and allows customers to pay with GiroGo. This allows merchants online casino to use a mobile device as acceptance terminals without the need of a special hardware such as iZettle or Square.

NFC Working group Austria founded

On Sept. 17th, 2012 officially the NFC working group Austria („NFC Arbeitskreis Österreich“) was founded as part of the Chamber of Commerce, Austria. Telcos, Banks and Services provides decided to create this working group to standardize the processes required to bring NFC services in Austria to the market.

EMV: Hacked Again – Unpredictable Numbers are predictable.

Looks like 2012 isn’t the year of EMV. Up to now, it has been show that the data can be read easily from the chip and that is possible to relay transactions. Now researchers from University of Cambridge (UK) found out, that the random numbers that are used in EMV transactions are not random depending on the terminals used. This makes it possible to predict the random numbers (Unpredictable Numbers, UN). A spokeswoman for the UK’s Financial Fraud Action group said: „We’ve never claimed that chip and pin is 100% secure“. This is the right statement to face the customers with.

Moneto: Change is good, isn’t it?

Since August 16th, 2012 the moneto service is out of service. This is due to the fact, that the card processor TransCard is not cooperating with the University National Bank any more. As all moneto prepaid Cards were issued by this bank, the service is currently not working.

iPhone 5 without NFC

Looks like NFC for the iPhone was overhyped. When Apple announced its new smartphone today, NFC enthusiasts were disappointed. The iPhone 5 has no NFC and PassBook therefore will not allow touch interaction, although Apple holds several innovative patents for improving customer experience and several use cases.

CardMobile: Cardis & vpay – an update

Raiffeisen’s CardMobile pilot is now running for two month. 82 users have tested the system in 8 locations in Linz. „The customer experience so far is quite good“, Gerald Kubu head of Raiffeisen Card Services reported. Thus soon the service will be available to the mass market.

Nokia presents NFC Wallet and Windows 8 Proximity API

Today Nokia gave the first presentation on the NFC API for the new Windows 8 devices as well as their native wallet. The new Nokia 820 and the Nokia 920 already come with the new operating system, the Nokia Wallet and provides NFC functionality. Unlikely the Nokia 610 (WP 7.5) the new device come with a completely new integration as well as SWP functionality for card emulation.

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