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EVVA, Sony and A1 Telekom launch Pilot for NFC access system AirKey

EVVA, Sony and A1 Telekom team up to provide an NFC access solution. The system called AirKey current is installed at the Technical University Of Vienna for a Pilot with Students. AirKey uses specially designed door locks with an RFID-Reader which neither do have network connection nor a wired power supply. Cards and NFC enabled mobile devices are used as access tokens.

Google Wallet 2.0: Any Credit/Debit Card on an Android

Google has released a new feature for their NFC payment solution Google Wallet. From today on you can put any credit or signature debit card into your virtual wallet and use it for contactless payment. Currently Google Wallet only supports cards issued in the US. In order to use this feature you require Google Wallet Version R75v6 or higher. And this is how it works:

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