Today is Sonntag, 16th Dezember 2018

Visa vpay launch in Linz

Since the beginning of July 2012 it is possible for the participants of Raiffeisen’s NFC pilot to pay contactless with Visa vpay. This is the second NFC pilot Austria’s largest bank runs after having started issuing a PayPass Creditcard in August 2011.

This time the bank gives away the iPhone Cover iCaisse from Device Fidelity with a secure SD-Card that contains the credentials of the vpay card holder. Raiffeisen also provides an iOS App for managing the vpay applet on the SD-Card. (The app is called CardMobile from Helixion). The app needs to be opened in order to activate the cover for a contactless transacation.

Currently three Merchants (Cafe Jindrak, Restaurant Börserie and a Kiosk at the Südbahnhof-Markt) have a Verifone VX680 to accept payments with the iCaisses cover and vpay. The aquirer behind the terminal is Raiffeisen’s partner Hobex.



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