Today is Sonntag, 16th Dezember 2018

NFC Chips for the mass

This year’s mobile world congress in Barcelona was a high light with regard to NFC technology. Lot’s of new phones as well as a lot of new NFC chips were present at the show. Although there was a lot of innovation, the NXP platform is still the most favored on by the handset manufactures due to the smooth integration into the Android platform as well as the widely tested chip in different pilots and trials.

In the following an overview of the newest state of the art prodcuts of the industry is given:

NXP: NXP presented it PN547. It is the successor of the most famous PN544. The new version is smaller and more energy efficient. There will also be a variant with an embedded secure element, similar to the PN65.

Secondly there is the CLRC663 reader chip for ISO14443 + Felica, ISO15693 and ISO18000-3 and ISO18092 (NFC). The chip is extremely energy efficient. The chip also provides an interface for the communication with a SAM. Thus it is likely that we will see this chip in the next generation payment terminals and desktop readers.

Texas Instruments WiLink 8.0: As the first combo chip family to embed a complete NFC controller solution, WiLink 8.0 devices make NFC integration possible – and more simplified – on any mobile device. The WiLink 8.0 combo chip with integrated NFC yields a more then 50 percent size reduction as compared to non-combo solutions, and is paired with a secure element solution for highly protected transactions. The WiLink 8.0 comes with NFC in the variants WL189x and WL185x.

Samsung: Samsung was present at the MWC with first samples of the S3FHRN2 and SENHRN2. There are no devices jet that come with this chips.

Inside Secure: Inside Secure promoted the partnership with Intel using the SecuRead and MicroRead as well as knowhow and the software stacks in its chips. From Intel side there was no comment or chip shown with NFC functionality.

STMicrolectronics: Also STM showed a demo with the ST21NFCA. The Chip was integrated into a Nexus S and showed Single Wire Protocol (SWP) functions.

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