Today is Donnerstag, 21st Februar 2019

Car2Go starts in Vienna with contactless technology made in Austria.

Daimler’s mobility provider Car2Go launched in Vienna on Dec 6th. The company provides 300 Smart-For-2 for the city of Vienna. Only Member Card holders can use the cars. The member card is actually a Mifare DESFire Card. Therefore the cars have an on-board unit containing a contactless reader and a GPRS Modem that is connected to the communication bus system of the car. Using the Member Card, the doors of the car are unlocked.

The key usually stays in the car, but to start the car an individual PIN code is required to authenticate the customer. The PIN is entered on the on Board Unit of the car. Then the customer can immediately use the car to go from one place to another within the city of Vienna (roughly 80 km2). There is sign up fee of 9,90 EUR. Using the car costs 0,29 EUR per Minute or 12,90 EUR per hour.

The onboard unit in the cars is provided by Magnet Marelli a company focusing on the production of hi-tech systems and components for the automotive sector.

Reader in the shop of Car2Go

The readers in the shop are made by Tagnology an Austrian RFID Company based in Styria.

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