Today is Donnerstag, 21st Februar 2019

Samsung pushs in-house NFC Chips S3FHRN2 and SENHRN2

Samsung presented its in-house desigend NFC Chips S3FHRN2 (without secure element) and SENHRN2 with an embedded secure element.

The chip family features all the things required for the integration into a mobile device such as tag support for NFC Forum tag types, SWP, battery off mode as well as a software stack on top (NFRI). One key feature of the chip is the embedded secure flash memory which is different to other manufactures. The memory has a size of 760 Kb. Neither the press release nor the product sheet give information on the access mechanisms for this secure flash memory. Also no details about an embedded OS for the flash memory, such as JavaCard OS, is given.

So far Samsung has always integrates NXP chips for NFC functionality to their devices. With the NFC chip product family, Samsung offers a competitive product with NXP’s PN544 and PN65N. Samsung’s Secu-NFC chip, packaged as a SIP, has identical form factor measurements (4.3mm X 4.3mm X 1.0mm) as a standalone NFC chip. The pin-to-pin compatibility also allows mobile device’s designers to immediately adopt the new solution without additional cost, engineering and design efforts. We know these features from NXP’s products already and this shows that the Koreans have understood the key features of an NFC chip.

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