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SMS NDEF on Android.

Since Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Google phones are able to use the embedded NFC chip to read external tags. Such tags contain a data format called NDEF (Near Field Communication Data Exchange Format). This data format acts as a container for different data types such as SMS, URLs or Connection-Pairing Information. Up to now Android is not able to interpret the format of SMS stored on the tags correct. Also the most current version 2.3.4 does not fix the issue, although the bug has been reported through multiple channels.

When reading a tag with an NDEF SMS record, the tag is detected correctly.

But when opening the SMS application the content is not interpreted correctly. The message payload is attached to the MSISDN and therefore the SMS cannot be sent.

Countries and companies which have a tag infrastructure with SMS records in the field cannot casino pa natet be used with the Google phones. This is also true for the tags that are used for the service in Austria, but with a major difference: It seams that the NDEF data on tag itself was customized for Nokia phones that were available in the last years (which are able to decode the tags corretly) and therefore the Android phone is not able to read the information correctly. Thus the Android phone only indicates a „unknown tag type“.


Google-Code Bug Report (12142)

Google-Code Bug Report (15866)


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